On June 1, 2010, Lexington, Kentucky’s Chico Fellini will release the first installment of their latest conceptual creative enterprise, the year-long “Singles Series”. Harkening back to the early 1960s, when singles were standard and ruled supreme over the album format, the band will release a new single on the first day of each month over the next year. Each new Chico Fellini track will also be accompanied by a b-side recording of a selected cover song showcasing the band’s far-reaching musical influences. The project will yield 12 new Chico Fellini tracks and a dozen cover song recordings that will be available in both CD and vinyl format at various increments throughout the project.

The band’s reasoning for such an approach is twofold—to provide more creative liberty than the standard album approach allows and to enhance the listener’s participation in the creative process. In today’s musical climate, the shelf life of an album is unfortunately quite short, as the dearth of records released each week naturally pushes far too many worthy efforts out of the spotlight. By focusing on a single new track each month, the band will have the luxury of producing and releasing each composition in near-real time, enhancing the creative process from month to month.

Additionally, this approach gives the listener an ongoing intimate view of the creative twist and turns the band and their material will take throughout the year. Though this project will take a year to materialize in full, the end result will be a more fulfilling, ongoing relationship between artist and listener—albeit one requiring more attention and a longer commitment from both.


as 2009 comes to a close, chico makes it to the top of a couple of lists: the editor-in-chief of redefine magazine names chico’s debut album #1 on her list of the top releases of the year (www.redefinemag.com). and, their release was the #1 ky album in sales at cd central (www.cdcentral.com). the band thanks you for your support and could not have done it without you! here’s to an even better 2010! happy new year!

Chico is beginning their vid blog series with a series of re-interpretations of songs from their debut release, as well as new songs not included on any prior release.

Taking a break from the summer long residency at Lexington’s own Green Lantern, Chico Fellini will take the stage at Public Assembly in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday June 6, 2009 with the support of Stacy Rock and Nightrats. The shows begin at 7P with Chico Fellini set for the 9P slot. The residency will reconvene on July 4th at the Green Lantern prior to the group heading to Milwaukee, WI to play the three-day Summerfest. During the short regional stint fans have enjoyed a new rash of reviews of both the debut self-titled album as well as their live antics. Among the clamor has been Kentucky’s own The Devil Has the Best Tuna, Bootleg Magazine’s June issue, LEO Weekly of Louisville, KY and a promo for the upcoming Public Assembly gig via Brooklyn Rocks. Be sure to keep an eye out of the sites for new releases, photos, and videos.

Duane and Emily were recently involved in Kentuckians for the Commonwealth’s mountaintop removal project. Duane did additional production, engineered and mixed “Dear Companion” featuring Ben Sollee, Daniel Martin Moore, and Jim James (My Morning Jacket). Emily offered her impeccable percussion skills on many a track.

Chico Fellini has had a busy week in both performances and in press. After returning from New York and playing to a crowd of 2,400 fans at Lexington’s Beaux Arts Ball 2009, Chico Fellini has enjoyed a regional whirlwind tour. The trifecta weekend of Cincinnati, Lexington, Nashville has left the group with some new buzz and new blogs. Having played at Lexington’s CD Central live performance marking Record Store day, You Ain’t No Picasso showed the band some serious love http://www.youaintnopicasso.com/2009/04/19/record-store-day-chico-fellini-cd-cental-41809/#more-6274 for their live show as a follow up to the previous blog nod to the album. Check back for additional details on upcoming dates in Brooklyn, Washington D.C., Chicago,&Milwaukee’s Summerfest. “Hot” has showed up on My Old Kentucky Blog Sirius Radio Playlist on the amazing Left of Center channel on Sirrius/XM Radio….we would like to thank www.myoldkentuckyblogspot.com for the add and support.

Chico Fellini is on the road to play Double Door in Chicago Thursday, March 12 with Mike Mangione. The group is stretching their legs for the first installment of their Spring tour and plans to return to Lexington, KY on the following Saturday to rock their hometown of Lexington, KY at the Dame on March 21 for their CD release party. As a prelude, the group will look to their Cincinnati fans to garner momentum the night prior at the historic Southgate House on March 20th with Banderas. Additionally, the group had the pleasure of sitting down with journalist Walter Tunis for an interview on Tuesday of this week. The Lexington Herald-Leader plans to premiere the story on both print and the web on the weekend of the CD release show at the Dame. Be sure to keep an eye on our news for details.

Chico Fellini hits the highway to play New York’s prestigous Mercury Lounge Friday, March 27. This will be the band’s second appearance to the Manhattan stage, sharing the bill with Jupiter One (among others) of last week’s highly praises CD release show at the Dame. April will bring a barrage of opportunities to see the foursome, wherein they’ll step on stages in Cincinnati, Nashville,& Louisville, but not before returning to play 2009’s Beaux Arts Ball. See the tour schedule for upcoming times and dates. Keep an eye on the news for a special announcement about the band’s summer plans.

With the CD Release show fast approaching, Chico Fellini is gearing up to garner some live reviews in Chicago and Cincinnati prior to the drop date. The band will play first on Thursday, March 12, at Double Door in Chicago with Mike Mangione. The following week, Chico Fellini fans will follow the group north of their hometown to Cincinnati to view them set off the historic Southgate House on Friday, March 20th with Banderas. Saturday, March 21st, marks their long anticipated return to Lexington’s The Dame for the release of their first album, the self titled Chico Fellini. The group has some special plans in line for the CD release show, so be sure not to miss it!

Attention fans: Chico Fellini will be playing a “secret show” Thursday night, February 26th, in Lexington, KY. Stay tuned to the band’s facebook and myspace sites for upcoming details regarding location and time! Be sure to check out the facebook fan page and join the group for up-to-the-minute details on happenings, blogs, and photographs. Additionally, t-shirts and tour posters will be available along side of the new album at the upcoming CD Release.

Chico Fellini is set to release their self-titled debut album on March 24, 2009. Albums will be available for sale world wide. The band will kick off the release by playing their hometown main stage, The Dame, on Saturday, March 21 in Lexington, KY. CDs are available for pre-sale on that date. Additionally, Chico Fellini is geared up to take on a northeast review by playing Chicago, New York, Nashville, and Cincinnati beginning March 12 at Double Door with Mike Mangione. See the tour calendar for dates and times. Check in with chicofellini.com for weekly news updates. The next news release will bring details regarding the upcoming “secret show.”

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